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To find and connеct with Pintеrеst influеncеrs and considеr using’ an influеncеr markеtplacе. Thеsе platforms allow you to browsе through lists of influеncеrs and sorting’ by platform and size.

Whilе largе followings are impressive and oftеn those with smaller and more engaged audiences havе a greater impact on specific demographics. Bеforе reaching out and examining the influencers profilе and typical ratеs and an’ past campaigns to gaugе thеir fit with your brand.

An influencer markеtplacе provides all this information and simplifying’ thе procеss of finding’ thе right partnеr for your brand. Strategies for Sеlеctin’ thе Idеal Pintеrеst Influеncеrs Tailorеd to Your Brand’s Nееds. Understand the Influеncеr’s Audiеncе.

Who Are Pinterest Influencers?

Pinterest influencers are users who have built a substantial following by curating and creating appealing content. They’re known for their ability to influence trends and purchasing decisions, especially among those seeking inspiration for lifestyle, fashion, food, and more.

These influencers connect deeply with their audience, making them valuable partners for brands looking to engage with a dedicated and niche market.

How To Find Pinterest Influencers & Connect With Them?

Pinterest is a social network and it’s a lively community where influencers drive trends and tastes. These people are not just regular users; they create and select content, building strong connections with their followers.

Knowing the special impact they have lets you find fresh ways for your brand to reach a dedicated, specific group of people. This guide will show you how to tap into this power successfully.

To effectively use Pinterest influencers, you need to know your niche well. This means understanding what your audience enjoys, what they’re looking for, and who they’re following on Pinterest.

Your niche dictates which influencers will resonate most with your audience and how to tailor your message. This section will focus on identifying and understanding your specific niche within the Pinterest landscape.

Creating a customer profile is similar to designing an influencer persona. This persona helps you identify your ideal influencer, focusing on their style, values, and interests that match your brand’s vision and objectives.

Let’s look at how to create this persona and use it to find the perfect Pinterest influencer.

With Keyword Research

Keywords are not only vital for search engine optimization but also for locating influencers. We’ll show you how to apply keyword research to find influencers that resonate with your brand. This step involves figuring out the key terms and topics related to your niche to discover influential Pinterest users who can reach your target audience.

By Search Filters

Using Pinterest’s search filters makes finding influencers easier. We’ll teach you how to narrow your search by categories, number of followers, and engagement rates to pinpoint influencers who truly represent your brand.

Via Pinners and Boards

It’s crucial to understand an influencer’s pins and boards to judge if they’re a good match for your brand. We’ll guide you on analyzing an influencer’s content, evaluating their style, and ensuring it matches your brand’s identity and values.

Third-Party Tools for Influencer Discovery

In this part, we’ll explore third-party tools like BuzzSumo, Traackr, and Followerwonk. You’ll learn about their features and how they can ease the search for Pinterest influencers. These tools provide valuable insights and metrics, helping you make educated decisions and connect with influencers who fit your brand.


BuzzSumo is a powerful tool for influencer discovery on Pinterest. It allows you to search for top-performing content and identify the influencers behind it. Learn how to use BuzzSumo to uncover trending pins and the influencers driving engagement.


Traackr offers in-depth metrics and insights into influencer performance. Discover how to use this tool to assess an influencer’s reach, engagement, and authenticity.

Learn to identify the influencers who truly resonate with your audience and can deliver impactful results for your brand.


Although mainly for Twitter, Followerwonk helps check influencers’ profiles. Discover how to analyze Twitter bios and connections to find influencers who may also be on Pinterest.

How to Detect Genuine Audiences

To team up with real Pinterest influencers, consider using tools to identify fake followers. This part will guide you through tools and ways to verify if an influencer’s followers are genuine. Doing so helps you make wise decisions and avoid issues in your influencer marketing efforts.

Spotting Fake Followers

It’s crucial to recognize fake followers for a successful influencer marketing strategy. We’ll cover how to identify fake followers by examining how users interact with the influencer’s posts, looking out for odd behavior, and utilizing specific tools.

Ensuring your selected influencers have authentic and active followers boosts the effectiveness of your Pinterest campaigns and builds trust with your audience.

Forging strong connections with Pinterest influencers is key. It’s about learning to communicate, negotiate, and work together effectively. These skills are vital for creating lasting partnerships that are beneficial for both your brand and the influencers.

Final Words

Through this guide, we’ve dived into the world of Pinterest influencers. We’ve given you the tools and tips to find and work with them successfully. You’ve learned how to know your area well, use extra tools, check for realness, and build good relationships.

Now, you’re ready to use Pinterest influencers to grow your brand and reach more interested people. Keep learning, stay active, and see your brand flourish in Pinterest marketing.


What are Pinterest influencers?

Pinterest influencers are individuals on the platform who have built a significant following due to their engaging and inspiring content.

Why should I partner with Pinterest influencers?

Pinterest influencers can help your brand reach a niche and engaged audience that aligns with your niche or products.

How do I find the right Pinterest influencer?

To find the right influencer, understand your niche, craft an influencer persona, use keywords, and leverage search filters.

How can I ensure an influencer’s authenticity?

Use tools to detect genuine audiences, identify inauthentic followers, and recognize real engagement, such as comments and shares.

How do I build relationships with Pinterest influencers?

Approach influencers with respect, communicate effectively, and negotiate collaboratively.

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