Apple has a unique approach to designing iPhones. They focus on quality rather than just adding more technical specifications. This also applies to how much battery capacity iPhones have. iPhones have smaller batteries compared to some Android phones. But, why does the iPhone battery decreasing while charging?

iPhones usually have a good battery life, so you don’t have to charge them as often as expected.
But sometimes, you might face a confusing problem: your iPhone’s battery decreasing even when charging. This can be baffling, even for people who know much about Apple products.

In this article, we’ll look at how iPhones charge, figure out why your battery might be draining while it’s supposed to be demanding, and give you some practical tips to ensure your iPhone stays set when needed. So, if you’ve ever wondered why your iPhone’s battery isn’t acting as it should when charging it, keep reading as we explain this common issue in simple terms.

What is Battery Health?

Let’s talk about something called “Battery Health” in our iPhones, but we’ll keep it simple¬† Imagine your iPhone battery is like a big, yummy chocolate bar. When it’s brand new, it’s a full bar, and you can enjoy it for a long time.

But, as you use your phone and charge it repeatedly, it’s like taking little bites out of your chocolate bar. So, after a while, less chocolate (or battery power) is left to enjoy. Less energy means your phone can’t stay “awake” as long without needing a charge. You can peek at how much of your “chocolate bar” is left by checking the battery health in your iPhone settings.

Knowing about battery health is cool because it helps us understand why our phones need charging more often. So, keeping an eye on it means you can ensure your phone is always ready for your next big adventure or chat with friends!

Why is My iPhone Losing Battery While Off?

Like when you’ve left, a toy turned off and returned to find iPhone battery decreasing while on charging. So, what’s happening with our phones? Let’s break it down.

1. Not Truly “Off”
Even when your phone is off, it’s still doing some tiny tasks in the background. These tasks could be anything from checking the time to waiting for an alarm to ring. It’s like a sleeping dog that still twitches its tail or wiggles its nose. These tiny tasks use a bit of battery.

2. Natural Battery Discharge

Even if not used, all batteries lose a little bit of their charge over time. It’s natural, like how a balloon slowly loses air even if there’s no hole.

3. Temperature

Have you ever been super cold and felt like you couldn’t move quickly? Batteries think the same way! If your phone is in a very cold or hot place, it can lose battery faster.

4. Battery Age

Older batteries can lose charge faster than new ones, just like an old toy might not work as long as it used to.

5. Minor Software Glitches:

Sometimes, little software bugs can cause the battery to drain faster. Think of it as a minor hiccup in the phone’s system.

Common Reasons for Battery Drain While Charging

We’ve all scratched our heads, wondering why our iPhone battery percentage is playing the downslide game when it’s supposed to be charging up. Let’s explore some common reasons why this might happen, and don’t worry, we’re keeping it simple and to the point!

Faulty Chargers or Cables

Imagine trying to drink a thick milkshake through a straw with tiny holes in it. Frustrating, right? When our iPhone chargers or cables are damaged, the battery can “leak” energy while trying to charge. Sometimes, cables can look fine outside but have hidden issues that prevent your phone from charging correctly. Ensuring your charger and cable are in good shape .

Software Glitches

Think of software glitches like little gremlins inside your phone, playing around with the settings and causing chaos! Sometimes, a minor bug or issue in your phone’s software can interrupt the charging process, causing your iPhone battery decreasing¬† instead of filling up. Occasionally, updating your phone and watching for any unusual behavior can help keep those gremlins at bay!

Background Apps and Activities

Imagine trying to fill a bucket with water while some leaks out of tiny holes. This happens when background apps and activities are running while you’re charging. They use the battery, making it seem like it’s not charging. Closing apps you’re not using can stop them from using up the battery while trying to set up.

Battery Age and Quality

Like all of us, batteries get a bit tired as they age. An older battery used to hold less energy than it used to and might struggle to charge up fully. Sometimes, checking the battery’s health and considering a replacement (if it’s old or not working well) might solve consistent charging issues.

Environmental Factors

Batteries are like ours – they don’t like being too hot or cold. Extreme temperatures can make your battery feel sluggish and affect its ability to charge. Keeping your iPhone in a “comfortable” environment, not leaving it in direct sunlight or freezing conditions, can help it charge better.


Solutions to Prevent Battery Drain While Charging

It’s frustrating when your iPhone battery drops instead of rising while on charge. But don’t fret! We’ve got some handy solutions for you. Let’s explore the top tricks to make sure your battery percentage climbs up, not down!

1-Using Original Chargers and Cables

It might be tempting to grab that cheap charger from a local store, but your iPhone really prefers its original charger and cable. Think of it like giving your phone its favorite meal. When you use the charger and cable that came with your iPhone (or genuine Apple replacements), you’re feeding it the best!

2-Updating iOS and Apps Regularly

Keep your iPhone’s software and apps updated. It’s like giving your phone a fresh coat of paint now and then. These updates often fix tiny problems that might cause your battery to drain faster while charging.

3-Managing Background Activities

Too many apps running in the background? That’s like having lots of little energy vampires sneaking around. Close apps you’re not using and check your settings to see which ones work in the background. This way, they won’t steal your battery’s energy while charging.

Your iPhone has a cool feature called “Low Power Mode.” Turning it on is like giving your battery a protective shield while charging. It helps reduce the workload on your battery, letting it charge more peacefully.

4-Seeking Professional Help

If you’ve tried a lot and your battery still drains while charging, it might be time to see an expert. Just like we see a doctor when we’re not feeling well, our iPhones sometimes need a professional’s touch to fix deeper issues.

5-Regular Battery Calibrations

Every once in a while, it’s good to let your iPhone battery drain thoroughly and then charge it up to 100%. It’s like stretching your legs after sitting for too long. This process helps the battery “remember” its total capacity.

6-Adequate Storage Management

Too much stuff stored on your phone can make your battery work harder. It’s like trying to run with a heavy backpack. Deleting things you don’t need anymore, like old apps and photos, can lighten the load and help your battery. Optimizing Screen Brightness and Timeout Settings.

A super-bright screen or one that stays on too long can eat up the battery quickly. Adjust your screen brightness and set it off sooner when not in use. It’s like turning off the lights when leaving a room it will heals iPhone battery decreasing issues.

7-Avoiding Extreme Temperatures

Remember, batteries don’t like it too hot or too cold. Keep your iPhone in a comfortable place, not near heaters or in direct sunlight, and not somewhere freezing. It’s like keeping it cozy in a comfy room.

Can a Virus Drain an iPhone Battery?

Indeed, a virus or malicious software (malware) can be a sneaky culprit behind your iPhone battery decreasing issues. Sometimes, when we ask ourselves, “Why is my iPhone battery decreasing while on charger?” we might overlook the possibility of a virus. These nasty software bugs can run unwanted processes in the background, interrupting your battery life even when you’re trying to charge it.

A virus might cause your phone to send data continuously, engage in hidden activities, or run malicious apps that sap its energy. So, your phone battery drains when it should be charging because it’s busily (and secretly) working overtime due to the virus. It’s like having a hidden app that never sleeps, constantly using up your battery power.

Can a Software Update Fix the Battery Drain Problem?

A software update can often be a silver bullet when grappling with the question, “Why is my iPhone battery decreasing while on charger?

Updating your software is like giving your iPhone a fresh set of instructions on operating more efficiently and fixing any known bugs or issues that might be secretly draining your battery. Developers regularly find and fix little problems (bugs) or improve how the phone uses its battery.

So, when your iPhone’s software is updated, it might resolve hidden issues causing the battery to drain while charging, ensuring that your battery percentage happily ascends when plugged in. It’s always a good idea to keep your iPhone updated to the latest iOS version to enhance battery performance, secure your device with the latest security patches, and enjoy new features.

Final Thoughts

We’ve discussed “Why is my iPhone battery decreasing while on charger?” and found some answers. Using the correct charger and keeping your phone cool are two simple things that can make a big difference. It’s also good to check that your phone and apps have the latest updates to avoid hidden issues.

Remember to look at what’s happening in the background on your phone, as some apps can use up battery without you realizing. And if you keep having trouble, it might be time to ask an expert for help. With these tips, your phone should stay charged and ready to use whenever needed. Thank you for reading, and here’s to your phone keeping its charge!

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