can you Put a Crayon in Your Wallet When Traveling

Have you ever thought about carrying a crayon in your wallet while traveling? It might sound unusual, but there’s a cool idea behind it that can make your travels even more enjoyable. Instead of merely taking regular pictures, envision using a crayon to sketch what you see – just like you did as a child. This way, you can capture moments memorably and creatively, crafting art inspired by the places you visit.

However, using a crayon isn’t limited to drawing alone. It can enhance your memory retention. Drawing aids in imprinting moments more vividly in your brain. Moreover, while you’re engrossed in sketching, it can encourage you to slow down and observe the minute details that might have eluded you.

And guess what? Employing a crayon can also help you forge new connections. Observing you sketching might pique the curiosity of others and lead to spontaneous conversations. It’s a delightful way to engage with locals and fellow travelers.

Now, let’s delve into the realm of trying novel and distinctive travel ideas. These concepts have the potential to make your trips genuinely remarkable. They facilitate personal growth and infuse your adventures with heightened excitement, ultimately furnishing you with captivating stories to recount. If you’re open to the idea, embracing these unique travel tips can introduce an entirely new level of amusement and exploration to your journeys.

What’s the Deal with a Crayon in Your Wallet?

Have you ever found yourself on a trip, needing to jot something down but realizing you don’t have a pen or paper? Here’s a creative idea: Why not tuck a crayon into your wallet? It might sound unusual, but trust me, it can be beneficial. When a pen is nowhere to be found, that crayon can rescue you, letting you scribble on napkins or scraps of paper. Think of it as your secret tool for leaving behind crucial information in case your phone suddenly gives up on you or decides to go missing. Plus, imagine being in a foreign land where the language is unfamiliar; that trusty crayon can assist you in conveying ideas through simple drawings.

And if you’re traveling with children, the crayon doubles as an entertaining toy to keep them engaged. Plus, whenever you wish to commemorate something delightful, a quick doodle or a short note can be easily accomplished. However, remember that crayons get messy if they break or melt, so exercise caution. Ultimately, it’s wise to consider whether having one in your wallet is worth it before embarking on your next adventure. You might be surprised at just how often it comes in handy!

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Crayon in Your Wallet When Traveling

Is a Crayon More Than Just Color?

Yes, a crayon can be more than a color when traveling, especially in certain contexts. While crayons are typically thought of as coloring tools for children, they can serve additional purposes during travel:

Entertainment for Children: Crayons can keep children occupied during travel, whether it’s a car ride, airplane journey, or train trip. They can engage in coloring activities, drawing, and creative expression, which can help pass the time and prevent boredom.

Journaling and Sketching: For travelers who enjoy journaling or sketching, crayons can be a versatile medium. They allow you to capture your experiences, sights, and impressions colorfully and artistically. They can be beneficial for adding quick splashes of color to your travel journal or sketchbook.

Customizing Maps or Itineraries: Crayons can mark up maps, highlight routes, or personalize itineraries. This can help you visually plan your journey and mark important landmarks, destinations, or routes you want to explore.

Craft and DIY Projects: Crayons can be used for various craft projects while traveling. From making rubbings of interesting textures to creating handmade postcards or decorations, crayons can be a convenient and creative tool.

Communication and Language Barrier: In situations with a language barrier, drawings and simple color-coded symbols made with crayons can help bridge the gap and convey essential messages or requests.

Temporary Repair Marking: In a pinch, crayons can mark slight imperfections or scratches on belongings, such as luggage or travel gear. While not a permanent solution, it can help you identify items that need attention when you reach your destination.

Gifts or Souvenirs: Hand-drawn art made with crayons can be heartfelt gifts or souvenirs for friends or family members. These personalized creations can carry sentimental value and memories from your travels.

Artistic Exploration: Traveling often exposes you to new environments, landscapes, and cultures. Crayons can be a quick and portable way to capture these scenes artistically, allowing you to explore your creative side and uniquely document your journey.

While crayons are primarily associated with adding color, their portable nature, simplicity, and versatility make them valuable tools for various purposes beyond just coloring, enhancing your travel experience in unexpected ways.

Put a Crayon in Your Wallet When Traveling

Can a Crayon Be a Traveler’s Creative Sidekick?

A crayon can be your fun travel buddy for unleashing your creative side. While crayons are typically associated with children and coloring, they can also be fantastic companions for travelers:

Drawing and Coloring: Crayons are compact and easily portable, allowing you to sketch the things you encounter, such as buildings, nature, or people.

Enhancing Your Journal: Incorporating crayons into your travel journal can infuse vibrant colors and images into your written reflections.

Unique Maps: Using crayons, you can craft personalized maps that depict your journey and highlight significant locations you’ve explored.

Vivid Notes: Crayons can lend a colorful and captivating dimension to your notes during lectures or tours, making them more engaging.

Creating Connections: Expressing yourself through crayon-drawn art offers a wonderful opportunity to connect with fellow travelers, even without a shared language.

Artistic Keepsakes: Rather than conventional souvenirs, consider crafting your distinctive artwork with crayons to send to friends and family.

Elevating Well-being: Engaging in crayon art can contribute to a sense of tranquility and joy throughout your journey.

Artistic Adventure: Crayons are versatile tools extending beyond paper to include wood, fabric, and leaves. This allows you to create captivating art inspired by your surroundings.

Can a Crayon Aid in Navigation?

Crayons are usually used for coloring rather than for finding directions. However, if you find yourself in a tricky situation, you could use crayons to help you remember where you’ve been. You could draw on surfaces to indicate which way to go. Different colors could signify directions, such as ‘go left’ or ‘look for a big rock.’

Remember that crayons might not last long outside, especially if it rains. They could easily rub off. Nowadays, much better tools are available, such as GPS gadgets, maps, and phones with maps, to assist you in finding your way.

In short, crayons could somewhat help in a pinch, but there are better choices for navigation. It’s wiser to have the proper tools when exploring new places or traveling somewhere unfamiliar.

How can a crayon be used for minimalist travel journaling?

When you’re on the road and want to capture your journey without the hassle of bulky art supplies, consider minimalist travel journaling with crayons. Keep a compact notebook handy and choose a handful of crayon colors that resonate with your travel experiences. Use these colors to jot down brief phrases, single words, or simple sketches that represent the highlights of each day. Blend text and imagery to tell your story – perhaps a quick sketch of a stunning sunrise accompanied by the words ‘Serene morning magic.’

Don’t stress perfection; crayons are all about embracing the raw moments. Date and add locations to your entries for context. Develop a daily routine to spend a few minutes updating your journal, focusing on capturing the essence of your adventures. To prevent smudging, consider placing a protective sheet between pages. Add subtle decorations like doodles or borders for a touch of creativity. Remember, the aim here is to have fun and create a unique keepsake that vividly captures the spirit of your travels.


The seemingly unconventional idea of carrying a crayon in your wallet while traveling holds surprising potential. Beyond its role as a tool for creativity and childlike expression, the crayon becomes a versatile companion that enhances various aspects of your journey. From capturing moments vividly and forging connections with locals to serving as an entertainment source for children and aiding in communication, the crayon offers unexpected utility. Whether used for sketching, journaling, customizing maps, or crafting DIY projects, it elevates your travel experience in unique and engaging ways.

While it may not replace advanced navigation tools, the crayon’s simplicity and portability make it an inventive addition to your travel toolkit. By embracing this concept, you can infuse your adventures with artistic exploration, personal growth, and lasting memories, enriching your travels with vibrant creativity.

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